On February 9, 2008 my life was forever shifted.  I did not have a near death experience -- I did in fact die.  For 38 years prior to this experience, I lived the life of a victim and I saw everything through the lense of life happening to me vs. FOR me.   At the lowest of lows in this time of my life, I committed suicide and I was very successful in this endeavor.  But it was not my time to 'leave' nor was I able to 'stay'.  During my near death experience (a.k.a. an NDE), I was witness to many things and shared in many experiences that allowed me to return to my physical body with all of my senses awakened. I was told to return and share these experiences, and to help others be reminded to remember WHO they truly are.  As a soul guide, I can assist and share perspective on many of these things from a clairvoyant perspective, as well as a Soul Guide perspective.

Life ... eternally lifeing